Organic Honey

What makes organic honey different?


It’s pretty obvious that organic honey is fast gaining a strong foothold in the honey market.

Organic Certification.

For honey to be certified organic, manufacturers have to meet a set of organic standards and conditions during the honey production (set by an organic agriculture certification body), which include source of the nectar, honey bees foraging area, bees management, honey extracting process, transportation, processing temperature, and packaging materials.

All of our provided honey is compliant with European Union Regulation (EEC) and is guaranteed to be as pure and healthy as possible.

More superior in taste?

Other than the reason that organic honey is a healthier choice, some ardent consumers of organic foods also feel that honey produced by organic farmers has a more superior taste than conventionally produced honey, and hence are more ready to pay for the extra cost.


As organic honey is proven to be more on demand, make sure to contact us to know the availability of honey.


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